No Going Back…
January 13, 2007, 4:15 pm
Filed under: Bugging Me

The last two days have been hella crazy and I have no one 2 blame but myself. Have been at my all time low for the last 2 months and hav totally screwed up with my studies. One shouldn’t just bottle up their feelings…it’s just hard to talk about these things. However, a new year to open up and get across how I really feel. To all those who know my identity, please keep it to yourselves as I prefer to stay cosy under my covers and prefer not to be looked upon with scrutiny by the mothers, fathers, aunty-jees and uncle-jees of this world.

Leave me be as I remain forever yours,



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hey xhra!

good 2 see ur back!
yaar, dont keep stuff bottled up :p dats what we’re here for… vent out girl!

Comment by mansoor

aaaaaaaaaah i was to be the first to comment 😦

Comment by *Untamed Desires*

yeah this white soothes the eyes n i need not squint now thanx 😛 i love u the way u r! u know u can count on ur frnds for all times good n bad 🙂 chill yara…

Comment by *Untamed Desires*

oyeeeeeeeeee spam attack spam attack!! VAMPISH DESIRES oh my looooooooooooooooooooooord!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by *Untamed Desires*

@ mansoor- thanx loveli! am sure as hell gonna give the venting out a good try..c how far it gets me nd all… lolzz

@ ud numero uno- 2 badd..mansoor bhai getz the 1st prize lol!

@ ud numero dos- oii..u shudve told me earlier. waisay it was blak this mornin..wud fit with my depressing mood tho. lol. nai i needed a change..nd the grass smells nice nd fresh 2!!

@ ud numero tres- hahahhaa! total spam attack. the creature has bitten me 3 times!! taubaaa! dyu like?? heheh

Comment by icedmocha

hey i made it (in good time i hope) any particular reason for the change or did u jus wanna feel fresh down there lol

Comment by piniyini

nice nice. now only if u import the previous stuff. 😀

Comment by MystaKool

@ pini- wanna feel fresh down there?? dudee..wot r u refering 2 lolzz. erm naa..bare ppl wer havin problems with blogger nd its beta version nd i was sik of not gettin feedbak on me posts. but hell yes..i needed a change from the bland style of me old blog.

@ mystakooldude- i hav 2. i did it ysterday nd bcz my typin is all in white on showd up invisible on here.

Comment by icedmocha

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