Sunny mornings and Sammy the ‘Superman wannabe’
January 14, 2007, 4:35 pm
Filed under: Memories/Reflections

Tis such a beautiful morning/afternoon here in London. I can’t believe the sun is out!! Its bloody january. We shud be having snow. I’m slightly relieved though. I mean, seeing that winters not really here, I don’t have too watch people sniffling nd sneezing all over the place. However, the rain is intent on its raging warpath, with the gusty winds ready to blow the roofs off. I am so thankful that we do not suffer from flooding here.

I am so greatful to be living here. Life might have been very different had we moved to Karachi 12/13 years ago. I love the freedom of this country *sniffs it in*. Although, I do miss being surrounded by loved ones every now and again. Tis not easy not being able to call up your loved ones for advice when ur miles apart, or just go over to spend a girly nite in with Fardeen Khan nd co heheh. Would be awesome to drive over to a phupoz or me khalaz nd get the gang into a car nd go 4 sum ice-cream. I’ve missed the childhood of the Americans. Haven’t seen them for 5 years. They’re teenagers how time passes. Wanna meet my lil cousin. He’s only three nd is trying to build Superman muscles so that he can beat sum toddler called Bushra. Went shopping for him yesterday and bought him a superman costume and Jack Sparrow outfit..tis pretti cool!! Told him over the phone nd he was like “chaddi ke saath”. I had to hand over the fone 2 mama coz i burst out laughing. Bless him!


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Sunlight…in the winter…Well it is kinda soothing…I must agree…have you seen those little chicks basking in the sunlight ever? Oh what an image of enjoying the peace…

Comment by UTP

@ umar- yes it realli is. feels more like spring than anything else. noo, i haven’t been fortunate enough to see the chicks. wud have to go to the farm 4 that..nd then id have 2 c the pigs..hahah. it is all pretti here tho. herd u guys r having a bitter winter tho.

Comment by icedmocha

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