Silly Intimidating Security Man
January 15, 2007, 5:51 pm
Filed under: Bugging Me

when you r alredi confused..y do others attempt to further confuse you. i mean whatz the sense in that huh?? ~ tis just sumthing which peeves me off!!

got in2 an argument with a security man @ my uni. realli was a stupid man, although well built, immensely tall nd patronising. left my prime minister suit in class nd sum1 had taken it down 2 reception. im like in an absolute hurry and hez being so carefree and casual about it. im describing it as fully as i can nd he wants further proof..the jackass!! in the end i managed to get it out of him. he took down all my details nd annoyed me further. silly man!!


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People who get too much free time on their jobs, taxi drivers, security guards etc are the worst at their public dealing. I guess they are so cooked up in the brain they cannot do anything straight!

Comment by TDH

tsk tsk!
maybe you can sue the security guy for harassment or something :p

the next time this happens.. turn on the charm 😛 not only will you get *your* things, you might get a few more from the lost n found bin :p

*ROFL at the thought of mocha coyness*

Comment by mansoor

@ TDH~ thanx 4 stoppin by! ur soo rite abt that! taxi drivers..hmmm..thatz defin8li not the case in london lolz..the blokes here r 2 damn friendly.

@ mansoor~ sue the security man *thinks it over*. uff yaar..the amount of time that ive wasted with the stupid timetable imcompetencies, i just dont think a law suit wud help me any better. nd noo wayyy..ur vision of me gettin xtra ‘things’ is soooo wrong!! mocha can be coy with a pure heart..this would just make me all a shareef person me!

Comment by icedmocha

My point exactly…(*hint*) hehehe…

Comment by UTP

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