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January 16, 2007, 1:19 pm
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Friday evening I went over to the cash machine just to amuse myself with the amount of OD I had waitin 4 me 2 pay up..only 2 see that i had my student loan shining bak @ me!! yay! go student loan!

According to the new nd corrupt uni timetable, I get tuesdays off. Yesterday after my retarded day, I required sum cheering up, and therefore decided to do what I’ve been procrastinating over for months on end, doing sumthing visual…doing sum art!!

And yes, once I got to the shop, I spent loads!! *££££* Wait for me to start complaining in 2 months time for need of money and all. Hell it felt great. I wanted to buy soo much, but truly had to control myself. What did I buy? U mite be wondering rite? Welll….

Windsor nd Newton Cold Pressed Paper, W nd N Watercolour Pads, W n N (Galleria) Acrylic Pads, System 3 nd Cotman paintbrushes (loads of them), tubes of system 3 nd acrylics etc etc.

Now if ur sitin there wonderin wot on earth is all that..its all good ppl..uve been missing out! hehehhe

Lets just hope I can actually do this. *Sunny thoughts*


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“when you r alredi confused..y do others attempt to further confuse you. i mean whatz the sense in that huh??”

Have fun with the ARTY stuff…got two arty people at home in sis and wife…well 3 if you add mom too….so thats all I say…to them as well…HAVE FUN WITH THE ARTY STUFF!!!

Comment by UTP

oh wow.. you’ve been writing quite a lot.. and may i say i missed quite a few posts… so i’ve just read for now… haven’t read the rest as yet…

maybe tonight… i can see the uni issue here, so no comments on that 😛

Comment by MystaKool

shoppppppppppppppppping hehehe duznt that just soar the spirit 😀 and a student loan sounds so yummy yaar! wow *jealous moi:(* enjoy all the arty stuff 🙂

Comment by *Untamed Desires*

Thta stuff costs-
You better get some work done:)

Comment by falsaqueen

love the post title!

Comment by boba

@ umar~ dudee..that must be a pretti chaotic household u live in..ah well u hav ur daughter 2 keep u sane heheh!! thank you!

@ mystakool~ yes i hav!! move ur ass nd keep chekin bak naa!

@ UD~ YUP SURE DOES!!! especially wen itz arti stuff!! woohoo *happy high* nahii my loan is not yummy. i hav 2 pay it bak after graduation..i’ll be in mucho debt! *has uncool thoughts*

Comment by icedmocha

@ falsaqueen~ yea it so does! mite u be speakin 4rm xperience? thanx 4 stoppin by!!

@ bobz~ wher u been girl?? o damnn..the they goin? y thanx. my friends have been callin me that for centuries lolzz.

Comment by icedmocha

so when do we get to see mocha originals?? 😛 did u put them to use even 😛

Comment by mansoor

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