Happy Bday Mom
January 18, 2007, 8:01 pm
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Nope my attempts @ painting or wotevr one mite call my crappy brushstrokes went down the drain. I couldn’t do it. It looked crap.

Khair its my dear Amiz bday 2day! Yesterday me went to a posh flower shop called Queens (located by the Barbican) and selected a small bunch of flowers as mamaz present. They had such amazingly exotic flowers for sale, including one called ‘Sexy Lady’. Mama mite not have seen the funny side and well, it cost £8 for 1 stem!  I was also supposed to take everyone out for Lebanese in Edgware Rd tonight, but we’re having sum freaky wind problem down in the UK. It resulted in total travel chaos for those commuting. Scaffolding was lying on roads, police and fire-brigades wre rushing frantically and I watched the poor and frail elderly being blown away by the blasted wind conditions. It wasn’t very nice!

The latest with Big Bro is that the show sponsors have pulled out..good on you! The show has been brought in2 mucho disrepute. Over 33,000 complaints have been made and all i can say is hahhah!!

Newhoo that was my day as well as London today hehee!  Have to get bak to indulging me mamaa!  Chao x


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Happy Birthday to your MUM!!!

Comment by UTP

Happy b’day 2 mother-mocha 😀

Comment by mansoor

n u’ve been tagged again 😀 muhahahaha

Comment by mansoor

i think the big bro thing its totally blown out of proportion. they weren’t even racist comments: just snide bitchy schoolgirl stuff.

Comment by boba

it was mumanijan’s birthday?!! i had no clue.

Comment by Xill-e-Ilahi

@ umar~ thanx ye kindly!

@ mansoor~ lolz @ that..sounds highly amusing. mamaz more of a hot drinks person..meee not like hot likes mom tho 😀

@ bobz~ yupz!

@ bhai~ yupz!

Comment by icedmocha

good that you like mom 😛 the flowers say it all 😀

Comment by mansoor

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