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January 21, 2007, 6:24 pm
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White Lily/Tulip  Kangaroo Flower In Bloom

As requested by Mona , these are the flowers I bought for Mama. I think they’re pweetii. I used a tungsten lamp for lighting up the flowers and scrunched up wallpaper for the backdrop.

Red Lily/Tulip White Tulip/ Lily Tulip type Lily



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absolutely heavenly xhra!!

momma mocha is one lucky momma 😀

Comment by mansoor

oooooooh very very pretty! u done a perfectly wonderful job with the photos yaar… zabardast 😀 *sometimes i give good advice n ppl do follow it muahaha* 😉 thanx!

Comment by *Untamed Desires*

hmmm. your photography improves every day. looks like some of me rubbed off after all 😛

Comment by Xill-e-Ilahi

great pix!

Comment by X ---

@ mansoor~ thanx very much. mommy mocha didn’t realli appreciate it but bahh…me got 2 take fotografz lol.

@ ud~ very very funni! i think im just gonna call it meray haton ka, aankhon ka, lighting ka, aur phulon ka jadoo!! but yea…i mite not hav got ther without a push 4rm u. muchachoz!

@ xill~ since wen hav u seen any of my fotografi haan?? onli raza bhai nd batool baji hav.. *wonders wot hez on abt* hmmm some of u…not sure whether i shud be taking that as a compliment. lol

@ inspirex~ thanx dude.

Comment by icedmocha

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