Snow nd snow is all I see…
January 24, 2007, 4:29 pm
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Monday morning, the heating broke down. Monday evening, BBC warned us of a bitter cold a-coming.

Tuesday all day, me was numbish and caught a cold..

Wednesady 6:13 am, Yasser’s alarm clock buzzed me from my slumberland. Annoyed as I was, with roughly three hours of sleep in my body, I groaned and I moaned…and snapped at him to shut off his  snooze button. Felt really cold, so decided to see what the weather was like. Lo and behold, snow had overcome us. I can’t believed it snowed while I slept. I can’t say I was too happy about it, but I woke her up to spread the news only to hear joy and laughter on the other end, while I Miss Scrooge, cursed at the cold that the broken down boiler had showered me with.

Anyways, the plumber dude was sent for and has been coming back and forth therefore on this only day that I have off (apart from the weekends..which are with family), I blew my nose and coughed up good, longing only to return to bed.

Took me some photos at 6:17 am, 7:38 am and 3:42 pm. By the time the latter photos were taken, the sun had been and gone and left only a small, small portion of ice in my weedy garden.

Might I also mention that finally nd finallyyyyy, the heatings bak nd I’m regaining the warmth in my toes *now hurry up nd move to my fingers*.

The plumber happened to mention that it was colder in our house than outside. Pity me lol. No no, I’m just kidding. Although, I greatly long for my mum to get back from work and make me sum chicken corn soup.

Snow and snow is all I see.Where does it come from?

Wont you tell me?   ~mocha


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sucks dunnit

Comment by boba

mmm! snowwwwww!! love snow!! but haven’t been around it much.. maybe thats why i do :p

anyhews.. it sucks ur boilers down! i froze my feet off at 8 degrees Celsius, cant even imagine what its like in sub zero temps :S

Comment by mansoor

you don’t know where snow comes from? how dumb can you get? comes from edward scissorhands’ sculptures of course.

Comment by Xill-e-Ilahi

@ bobz~ damn rite it does! me not go 2 uni 2day bcz the snow made me all feverish. how bad was it at ur end?

@ mansoor~ aww u sound like the skoolchildren screamin abt the snow @ 6am ysterday. lol. boilers all gud now. 8 degrees?? woahh..thatz nothing lol. but then i cud say that abt the heat nd vice versa.

@ xill~ oiiiii!! dont u be ruining the nursery rhyme i made with my nieces!

Comment by icedmocha

well there was no snow!!!but it was frikkin cold

Comment by boba

yikes!! snow feeling cold here in my home n it must b ‘very warm’ temperature here by ur standards :S much as i love winters and snow, the fever is making me not even wanna think abt it!

Comment by *Untamed Desires*

hmmmmm… a whole lotta snow …. good.. but then the boiler’s not working and that is bad…

what’s up girl? I surely haven’t been around much… it’s getting warmer down here… in fact, hot…

Comment by MystaKool

@ ud~ yes indeedy! lolz the fevers gone nd mez getting prepared 4 the nxt installment of snow..hopefulli i’ll get 2 make a snowman this time round..

@ mystakooldude~ boilerz fixd, so hot water nd heating r bak in action. mez just busy with muharram these days. no u haven’t been around much *blames the power cuts*

Comment by icedmocha

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