February 2, 2007, 5:15 pm
Filed under: Poetry

Written for a loved one. A quiet reflection. Some meandering thoughts. When you are ill, poetry comes easily. Mez all better now. By the way, it wud be interesting to get some feedback on this one.

There’s a whistling in my heart,

That you might have sparked.

Sleepless nights leave me,

Helpless in your thoughts…

It’s hard for me to think,

When all I want is you.

I’m restless and uneasy,

Acting like a fool!! 

You’re my everything,

I’m tangled in your web.

Of poison and ectasy,

I can’t seem to quit!!



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and quit you should not…
simple, yet to the point and effective, in my opinion.

what’s up?

Comment by MystaKool

astaghfirullah!!! small small children talking about romantic things. hai hai what is the world coming to?

***watches as scores of old ladies in sarees whisk you away and hurriedly marry you off to the local maulvi sahab***

and so ended the story of the kid who grew up too soon.

Comment by xill-e-ilahi

Oh mocha! i like the poison and ectasy bit.

Comment by boba

@ mystakooldue~ u alredi got me answer!

@ xill~ yes, im small in age (but a hell off a lot taller than ssshhh) am i allowd 2 live, feel and breathe? u have sum twisted stories..’maulvi saab’??..and btw i’ve supported u wen u wer young. *can it go both ways*

@ boba~ had a strange nd wonderful feeling that u mite. how did the xamz go my love?

Comment by icedmocha

oh my my! the love for writing runs in the family 😛
bara acha simple sa likha hei just like Mystakool said 🙂 magar haan ye batao wats up ahem ahem !!*winks* hehhee

Comment by untamed desires

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