‘Sickie’ Day
February 5, 2007, 3:26 pm
Filed under: A Mochaz Life

Just couldn’t get outta bed this morning. Had already formulated my plan. Evryone had left for work and school, so all I had to do was go out in the afternoon and come home my usual time/pretend that me classes had been cancelled. This was me @ 10 am, afetr sending a txt 2 me pal sayin..’I’m pulling a sickie dude. My bedz 2 damn comfy!’

Khair, my eyes seemed to open around 12:07, to the sound of a cough that sure as hell wasn’t mine…it was mumz. I was trapped. *what 2 do..what 2 do* Either she’d come home early or she’d never gone 2 work. The plan was to stay in bed and be invincible. Off all the days that mum takes a sickie off work, I just happen to take  a sickie of uni. Grrr..she caught me a lil while later and arrgghh i can still hear her shouting . Accusations of ‘lazy girl…good 4 nothing…a hinderance’ and so forth. Now I’ve just sneaked downstairs while she sleeps away. Me needs sum computer time.

Anyway, I was checking out 2days news and not only has bird flu finally reached us..but today is actually known as ‘National Sickie Day’. I find that quite hilarious!

According to AOL, ‘Surveys have suggested that the first Monday in February is the worst day of the year for absenteeism, leading to it being labelled ‘National Sickie Day’.’

And guesss wot..2day is the 1st Monday in Feburary! I should show mom..but somehow I don’t think she’ll see the funny side off it, rather I’ll be hearing more daatein. Hehehe…


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lol @ coincidence 😛 u sure you didn’t read that b4 u pulled a sickie?? haha

its always a wonder why mums are do daantofying?! even though mines much better now :p she still manages to get on about my weight whenever she can :p

Comment by mansoor

ooooh……i so know what u mean by extra comfy feelin bed!!!
i went through the same this morning…..

Comment by X ---

tsk tsk what a daughter mumanijan got saddled with… 🙂

Comment by Xill-e-Ilahi

@ mansoor~ hehe. nope i didn’t. the daatein left me soo scarred that i had 2 wait till the ‘mum’ fell asleep 2 discover.

@ x~ ‘extra comfy feelin bed’…man that word makes me all snoozy!

@ xill~ yea man!

Comment by icedmocha

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