Girly Valentines Fun-ness
February 15, 2007, 2:11 pm
Filed under: A Mochaz Life

Soooo…Valentines day yesterday people.. did you all have a nice one?? Hope u girlies got those roses delivered sharpish nd u men got sum cute nd cuddly smoochings in return lolz. Bahhh..i generally believe that the day is such a money-making scam..nd am one of those nuisance ppl who believe that everyday should be full of love nd thoughtful gestures (my man is gonna hav a hell of a ride hehhe). It didn’t make it any better that now that I’m no longer single, the dude happens to be away from the country. hahha..just me luk. What made it funnier was the fact that me bro came home 2 ask how many valentines cards i got. He just laughed when i said 1. Imean whatz bad with one eh? He got 4. Personally, thatz nothing 2 be proud of brother, rather it suggests that ur such a player!  Mwahhaha.

Lucy came over @ lunchtime nd we went out 4 another cheesecake adventure. We’ve made a deal that cheescake divulging should be a weekly affair nd shook on it 2. Yay! We bought it home, gorged, blasted the musik up and danced. Yes, I know its Muharram…but me needed sum cheering up. Taught her sum moves…i can’t dance..nd we did a funky kinda bhangra dance-thing around my living-room, collapsing on the floor/ sofa regularly in a fit of giggles. Hahaha…was fun! The videos I’ve made are You-Tube worthy..but I shant subject us 2 any kind of humiliation.

The evening went sour thanx 2 my bro and his ‘i don’t give a dam’ attitude. Nd finally, he has agreed to do sumthing which mite bring a lil peace in2 my parents lives. Shukar hai bcz whatever hez got feeling inside needs to be dealt with in the right manner..nd in my eyes, counselling is the only option that remains.

nywhoo happy valentines xx


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you too lovie xxx

Comment by boba

glad u had fun 😛

im not too much of a fan of cheesecake, so u can have my share too 😀

happy valentines :p

oh, n i didn’t get anything for valentines this year 😛 and happy nonetheless

Comment by mansoor

tauba tauba! jawaan larkees dancing! astaghfiullah!

Comment by Xill-e-Ilahi

heyyyy 🙂 u enjoyed na thats good. i got nothing for Vday either 😉 v’r all a bunch in that sense lols!

Comment by *Untamed Desires*

Valentines Day is a silly pagan concept- love should be there every day. and it should be real:)

Comment by bilal

i liked your blogs title

Comment by Sharuk

@ bobz~ cheerz love x

@ mansoor~ with gr8 pleasure. *slam dunks her face in2 his plate of cheescake* 😀 thatz the way it shud b! be happy always dear friend x

@ xill~ i’ve seen u u can’t talk! x

@ ud~ yup i did! same advice 4 mansoor..same advice 4 u! spread ur gorgusness m’dear.. x

@ bilal~ wowiee! welcum bak! couldn’t agree more! x

@ sharuk~ thanx..dyu hav a blog by any chance?

Comment by icedmocha

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