Majalis nd Kiddies
February 20, 2007, 2:35 pm
Filed under: A Mochaz Life, Saneish??

Sunday meant annual majalis time, with me nd dad preening the house up, shifting furniture and breaking our bones nd all. For the first time evr, mum decided not to cook for all the mehmaan (visitors/guests) and we got pizza (halal vegi) and Pakola (my suggestion hehhe) for foodie. T’went well..

The highlight of course, or shud I say that the icing on the cake was the fact that me nieces came. I haven’t seen them 4 over a month..and the amount of huggooz nd kissess i got so totally made up 4 it. hehhe. Needless 2 say i took mucho fotografz..who knowz wen we’d meet agen.

I’ve had 2 days of holiday so far..nd its been realli peaceful both @ home nd inside of me. Itz been a while since I’ve felt so @ ease or care/stress free. Feels pretty wowieeee! I no it wont last so I promise 2 make the most of it. 2Morow is my final chutti day nd then bak 2 uni. 3 days of holiday is nothing..but 2 be honest..I really don’t mind. Am i sane?? I’m not quite sure..but it feels amazing. *smiles wholeheartedly*


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no you’re not sane. thats final.

Comment by Xill-e-Ilahi

oye hoye!!!! dun forget to invite me to the majlis 😀
send tickets for two!

Comment by unaizanasim

this post sounds like something from an indian movie:)

Comment by bilal

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