Yo-yo springy wingy wham bang bang
May 28, 2008, 8:47 pm
Filed under: A Mochaz Life

Lollll!! Thats exactly how i feel guys!! Greetings to all who are absent-mindedly reading this for I have notified none par from my heavily pregnant acquaintance who happened to steer me back into this direction…don’t worry you are unnamed and i’m shhhhing!

Hiiiiiii 2 all! New and old…nayay aur puranay… Yes its me bak in the world of blogging. I have wireless now..I can sit here all nite penning away and catching up on all your lives. I can’t believe its been precisely one year and three months since my last post…I didn’t even inform you of my longgg break…I never knew it’d be this long. My apologies to those who have missed me. God, aren’t you getting bored reading this…I’m getting a cramp in my left hand and im not even using it to type (stupid piece of….).

Its Wednesday the 28th. The weather in London is currently cloudy, depressing and rainy, but I, the mentalist am in a jovial mood…why u ask?? im bak! duhhhh!

I don’t no wot else to write now…erm keep checking back for updates and well i dont think i’m leavin u anytime soon…i mean im on a 3 month holiday and being bored out of my brains, ive got nothin better 2 do than sit here and bore your brains. Enjoy!!..or turn away and never visit me again…

With love xx


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woah, mocha…you have missed out on a lot!!
welcome back 🙂

Comment by boba

thanx boba! tis great knowing that ur the 1st 2 recieve me. i just updated the link 2 ur page…u got anothr 1?? congrats on toseefs upcomin wedin dude! btw wot uni r u gonna crash at??

im now gona head ovr 2 urz nd re-familiarise myself on latest hapenings…joaquin is not only a gr8 actor but yummy to watch 2! 😛

Comment by icedmocha

welcome welcome!!! great to have you back on the blogging circuit!!

Comment by mansoor

thank thanku..much appreciated!

Comment by icedmocha

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