A simple thanx…yet thanx is never enough.
May 30, 2008, 12:12 am
Filed under: A Mochaz Life

This past year, I’ve been coping with a couple of personal problems which brought me to a state of neglect and mild depression. Nope, i didn’t fall in love and didn’t have my heart broken…but nice try guys!

Khair, during my phase of becoming ice-queen, I learnt to appreciate myself better and that instead of pushing people away, at the end of the day u don’t just hurt them but u end up gnawing at a part of urself too. It’s not worth it! I realise that now… magar, I did learn that u can truly only trust those special persons that catch ur eye like diamonds in the dust. I thank Allah S.W.T for granting me my ‘diamond’…they’re expensive and so hard to come by.

Dear Diamond,

Sparkle as you do,

Let me awe by your side.

Wherever you may go,

Keep me warm; keep me alive.

p.s. the funny thing is that this post was supposed to be about my new-found hobby of cooking. I forgot how easy it is for ones mind to drift when jotting their thoughts…there are so many things I want to say…there’s always tomorrow rite…Inshallah! See you then xx



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Pini is not really married!! His idea of a joke…that loser.

I wish you’d update more…I want a complete package on what I’ve been missing out on!

Comment by boba

@ boba- im tryin..wher r u?

Comment by icedmocha

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