June 2, 2008, 4:01 am
Filed under: A Mochaz Life

I think I’ve severely overdosed on Coke. I need to pee real bad every 5 mins and feel like my systems gonna puke up everywhere…nice!


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Overdosed on COKE!!! Thats a new one…you need to slow down and get a real long BURRRPPP!!! That should solve it….

Comment by UTP

mmm… ccoookkkeeee….. (in typical drooling homer simpson style)

Comment by mansoor

LOL try ENO salt over coke;) will help u digest it LOL

Comment by unaizanasim

unaiza: ENO over coke!!! i dont know about digesting but cleaning the ceiling after it will definitely give her digestive system some help 😉

Comment by mansoor

@ utp- i must hav burped in my sleep…

@ mansoor- do u live in the stone ages that drooling is-a-needed…quit drooling and go get sum!!

@ unaiza- ENO salt?? wot on earth is that? if its a type of salt then why wud one want the sweetness outta the coke? *strange*

@ mansoor- ufff im more confused…if ur talkin abt soapy stuff then is unaiza plannin 2 kill me so id never need worri abt my digestion ever again *Allah Allah…kaisa bloggers dunya mein paida huwai*

Comment by icedmocha

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