My Mom the Police Officer
June 8, 2008, 10:27 pm
Filed under: Saneish??

While dad and I were watching tv and mum was busy on the fone an epiphany flooded his brain.

‘Beta, tumhari Ami ko police officer bana chahiye tha (Daughter, your mother should have become a Police Officer’

I was like ‘Huh?’ and started cracking up…thinking about it now I don’t think I’m the only child who can imagine his/her mum in the forces. Mothers are loving and all magar their nagging really does your head in at times. I mean not only does Ami nag, but she’s hell bent on her children telling the truth, is punctual, has an infinite list of rules and with one look of the eyes, you know she means business! I can think of so many of my own aunties who would fit the police forces mantra well.

Why not start a female recruitment agency for our mothers to be enlisted in such important services…i mean if they can scare us into washing the dishes then i’m sure they can get criminals to fess up to their crimes!


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And you htink criminals dont have moms:P LOL!

Comment by unaiza nasim

aaj kal ki larkiam mummys k liye kia kia sochti hain waise..wah

Comment by Tauqeer

Even though we get frustrated, I wouldn’t trade my MOM correcting me for anything…we have to realize we are better people because of our moms…

I think criminals have lenient moms though who don’t GET them by the ear in the early stages of life…and end up becoming who they become…later on in life…

Comment by UTP

@ unaiza- if criminals had gud moms then ther wud be no criminals; hence criminals have bad moms.

@ tauqueer- welcome and my ‘soch’ is wot shud make u keep coming bak. shukriya!

@ utp- yea…at the end of the day i agree with u…but hell im still young and not completely out of the angsty stage where i wud appreciate her more if i was married/ living away from her. i totally agree with u on the criminals bit…its their upbringing which is partly 2 blame.

Comment by icedmocha

Thank you,
very interesting article

Comment by ostrov

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