June 11, 2008, 2:10 am
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22 hour load-shedding in Balochistan?? Are you for real?


My Mom the Police Officer
June 8, 2008, 10:27 pm
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While dad and I were watching tv and mum was busy on the fone an epiphany flooded his brain.

‘Beta, tumhari Ami ko police officer bana chahiye tha (Daughter, your mother should have become a Police Officer’

I was like ‘Huh?’ and started cracking up…thinking about it now I don’t think I’m the only child who can imagine his/her mum in the forces. Mothers are loving and all magar their nagging really does your head in at times. I mean not only does Ami nag, but she’s hell bent on her children telling the truth, is punctual, has an infinite list of rules and with one look of the eyes, you know she means business! I can think of so many of my own aunties who would fit the police forces mantra well.

Why not start a female recruitment agency for our mothers to be enlisted in such important services…i mean if they can scare us into washing the dishes then i’m sure they can get criminals to fess up to their crimes!

Majalis nd Kiddies
February 20, 2007, 2:35 pm
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Sunday meant annual majalis time, with me nd dad preening the house up, shifting furniture and breaking our bones nd all. For the first time evr, mum decided not to cook for all the mehmaan (visitors/guests) and we got pizza (halal vegi) and Pakola (my suggestion hehhe) for foodie. T’went well..

The highlight of course, or shud I say that the icing on the cake was the fact that me nieces came. I haven’t seen them 4 over a month..and the amount of huggooz nd kissess i got so totally made up 4 it. hehhe. Needless 2 say i took mucho fotografz..who knowz wen we’d meet agen.

I’ve had 2 days of holiday so far..nd its been realli peaceful both @ home nd inside of me. Itz been a while since I’ve felt so @ ease or care/stress free. Feels pretty wowieeee! I no it wont last so I promise 2 make the most of it. 2Morow is my final chutti day nd then bak 2 uni. 3 days of holiday is nothing..but 2 be honest..I really don’t mind. Am i sane?? I’m not quite sure..but it feels amazing. *smiles wholeheartedly*

Chinese, Cheesecake nd Neices
January 21, 2007, 12:11 am
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Strawberry pretending 2 be asleep on me bed Arrgghh…this year has gone soo fast. Twas the majalis I went 2 today that made me realise. So many new babies nd kids all grown up. Really makes u wonder how quikly time flies. Awww..I miss last year… Anyways 2nite was the shabe-Muharram majalis and I felt pretty guilty sitting there with everyone else. I just couldn’t focus on the Moulana..he was pretty lack-lustre…didn’t have the youth reach thing going on. I think hez reading the next few majalis’..fingers crossed that I wake up for 2morow. Ladies majalis 2 go 2 @ 11 am 2. The next few weeks are gonna be religiously busy.

Last nite I managed to get special permission 2 escape the house. Lucy pikd moi up and we went for the only halal chinese i know off in London. Itz like 2 yrs old and I am soo vey grateful 4 its existence. Anyway me was eating my chow mein wen suddenly from the corner of my eye I see my mushroom (Abeer) smiling at me. I was like ‘quit dreaming dude!!’. The funny thing is that she really was there…so was strawberry (Abiha). Me cousins had come out 4 a meal in my restaurant. How awsum is that…I hadn’t seen them since they got bak from Karachi. Twas so awsum bcz the kids refused to eat with bhai nd bhabi, and joined me nd luc insted. Awwww…nyway enuff of my randomly boring post 2day. Wud have been better had I fresjhly posted last nite, however I was mucho beat from all the excitement. Oooo nd did I mention that  after Chinese, me nd Luc ate raspberry cheesecake in her cooolio car. Twas memorable…I have it on video woohoo!! When I got home, I was highly surprised 2 see my nieces running up2 me. Had a coolio time wid em. Realli haven’t felt so happy in ages!! Damn, I missed them! Nite all xx

January 13, 2007, 2:30 pm
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Helllooooo..tis smellin nice nd fresh down here…i likes me surroundings. Hope u enjoy smellin with me 2!! (lol..i no thatz a very random welcome… still ze same crazy enjoy ur visits here ppl!!)