Viva la Karachi!!!
June 15, 2008, 12:10 am
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ooooo yeaaaaaa…mochaz currently packin for her trip 2 karachi…when is she leavin?? today. is she excited? hell yes..cant u tell!

N.B. im too exhausted to sit around and chat but hopefulli once im done and dusted, i’ll be back xx


Happy Bday Mom
January 18, 2007, 8:01 pm
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Nope my attempts @ painting or wotevr one mite call my crappy brushstrokes went down the drain. I couldn’t do it. It looked crap.

Khair its my dear Amiz bday 2day! Yesterday me went to a posh flower shop called Queens (located by the Barbican) and selected a small bunch of flowers as mamaz present. They had such amazingly exotic flowers for sale, including one called ‘Sexy Lady’. Mama mite not have seen the funny side and well, it cost £8 for 1 stem!  I was also supposed to take everyone out for Lebanese in Edgware Rd tonight, but we’re having sum freaky wind problem down in the UK. It resulted in total travel chaos for those commuting. Scaffolding was lying on roads, police and fire-brigades wre rushing frantically and I watched the poor and frail elderly being blown away by the blasted wind conditions. It wasn’t very nice!

The latest with Big Bro is that the show sponsors have pulled out..good on you! The show has been brought in2 mucho disrepute. Over 33,000 complaints have been made and all i can say is hahhah!!

Newhoo that was my day as well as London today hehee!  Have to get bak to indulging me mamaa!  Chao x

January 17, 2007, 9:22 pm
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Okayyyyy!! Wherever u r in the world…u mite have come across the Shilpa Shetty news item flashing before your screens. How amazing is it that an Indian bollywood actress is taking the top spot in news channels as well as newspapers here in the UK. Weirdly enough I’m incredibly happy about this. Let those who make swarmy unjust comments be named and shamed. However the 3 females causing uproar in the Big Brother house are only representative of a small minority of people who think badly or ‘racistly’ of Indians.

To comment on the way Shilpa eats with her hands nd question it?? I mean how dumb can you get. The idiot who made that comment is so oblivious to the Eastern culture despite living in such a multi-cultural nation. I mean come on!! How thick can u get!! Daniella wotevr her name is, is only a so-called celebrity for becoming Miss Britain, sleeping with one of the judges (who happens to be ex-England football player Teddy Sheringham) and then having her title stripped off. Honey thatz something to be realli proud off.

Jade Goody, on the other hand..I just can’t comment about her. She is  jealous of a skinny and highly attractive, successfull woman (Shilpa), while Jade is only famous for her nonsense and fatness. The fact that her mother continuously refered to Shilpa  as ‘the Indian’..well its highly stupid.

The fact that Channel 4 are denying that any racist comments have been made is a load of bull. Dudezzz all you want is for more bust-ups in the house, and since this bullying/racism fiasco, ur tv shows ratings have gone up by 20%! Oh yea…tis sooo obvious you’re not gonna penalise the goddamn stupid ppl off this world.

If your sitting there going ‘woahh’ or ‘wot the hell is she ranting on about’ then I highly suggest you to clik on the links I paste below. I’ve put 3/4 up, so choose wot u like..

 Ooo nd to all new I’m not an Indian, I’m just sticking up for the unjust treatment of another human being!!

By the way, I’d just like to add that I think this is all very stupid. It has blown up into an international thingy with Indians burning dolls on sticks nd all. I have reason to believe that this is another publicity stunt which shud be applauded for its apalling taste!!