Viva la Karachi!!!
June 15, 2008, 12:10 am
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ooooo yeaaaaaa…mochaz currently packin for her trip 2 karachi…when is she leavin?? today. is she excited? hell yes..cant u tell!

N.B. im too exhausted to sit around and chat but hopefulli once im done and dusted, i’ll be back xx


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have lots of fun and take lots of pics 🙂

Comment by boba

somehow travel is so exciting…no matter if you are heading towards 12 hours of loadshedding!!!

Comment by UTP

wow! good luck with the loadshedding and say hi to those machars from me:P tell em i dont miss em at all!

Comment by unaizanasim

jaani! the mausam here is somewhat better these days.. the laod shedding is behaving, really qasam se! email me ur number 😀

Comment by *Untamed Desires*

Whoa. Sounds like fun!

I’m coming to Karachi in September so I’m gonna be reading your blog on how good (read NOT) life is there….keep a record of the humidity and fuzzed out hair and the outages..I’m so, so scared…

BUT, and i add the BUT, its a real fun city to be in. Post some pictures. Bon Voyage!

Comment by misspecs


Comment by bilal

miss ya baby!

Comment by unaizanasim

Okay,c’mon, you gotta be back by now???! dont do a MIA on us!

Comment by boba

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